Yachtport SA workboat restoration project

Yachtport SA has recently purchased a workboat for a restoration project.

Motor Vessel Gracey

Motor Vessel Gracey, previously owned by Cape Peninsula University of Technology is a 22” Seismic and Rescue boat built by Norpower in Norway. This vessel is DNV certified as unsinkable and self-righting, making her a very robust and seaworthy craft capable of operating in adverse weather conditions.

Powered by a Yanmar diesel coupled to a controllable pitch propeller gives the craft excellent manoeuvrability and control to operate as a tug boat, rescue boat or workboat. She is also fitted with a single point lifting davit enabling delivery and recovery from a mother vessel.

This new project is an exciting opportunity for Yachtport SA to demonstrate its capability and continued support to the maritime industry by returning this vessel to full working condition for offshore service.

M/V Gracey has recently been moved to Yachtport SA’s facility in the Port of Saldanha and is already receiving much-needed attention. Her engine, gearbox, propulsion shaft and CPP have been removed for repair. The tank, bilges and engine bay are already cleaned while the rugged GRP hull is being prepared for coating.  

Motor Vessel Gracey Haul-out at Granger Bay

We invite you to follow us while we restore this vessel to its designed performance and serviceability.

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