Yachtport SA Client Q&A

In the world before COVID-19, Yachtport SA was busy as usual assisting two Mexican-owned sailing yachts. As works neared completion, South Africa entered into a national lockdown due to COVID-19. At the time no certainty was available and the foreign vessels decided to lockdown on the Yachtport SA marina in the Port of Saldanha. Little did we all know that this would become their home for the next 8 months.

Yachtport SA sat down with the two Mexican Captains, to chat about their experiences at Yachtport SA. The father and son flotilla of two are in the process of cruising around the world. Having arrived from East Africa for servicing before their intended passage to Panama. Things have turned out a little differently for their plans, but they have managed to drop anchor and shelter from the confused seas of the world.

You have experienced living on-board at the Yachtport SA marina for the last couple of months – what has your experience been like?

Well we have been here for more than two months but were very comfortable here, happy and felt secure and protected. The marina delivers very good services and we were attended to really well. Well actually we have not had any issues.

Everyone were always helping us with fixing something, finding our way or finding something in town.

Entering a national lockdown shortly after your arrival, how did you experience the pandemic and the lockdown?

We were well informed. It felt weird to be alone, by ourselves, some days but we felt protected.

Would you return to Yachtport SA during future travels around South Africa?

Yes, of course.

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Were you satisfied with the work done on your yachts?

We are very satisfied with the work that was done on the hull and the equipment you have is very good. This crane is fantastic. Our boats have been very well cared for.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 not being very likely and 10 being definitely) how likely are you to refer anyone travelling the same route to Yachtport SA?

Both Captains confirmed a 10, that they will definitely refer people to Yachtport SA.

Is there any suggestions you would like Yachtport SA to take into consideration?

A part of the mooring needed attention. The team immediately arranged for it to be repaired after being informed.

Where will the journey take you next?

We will be heading to Richards Bay next, wait for good weather and then journey on to Madagascar, Kenya and the Mediterranean.