Yachtport SA Supporting the Oyster World Rally 2022-2023

The 2022-2023 Oyster World Rally, starting from Antigua and ending the rally back in Antigua after 16 months.

 The fleet is spending Christmas 2022 in Cape Town before continuing the final leg to the Caribbean.

This stop-over is the longest of the rally which will give the crew ample opportunity to get the yachts in perfect condition to continue their voyage to their final destination.

Yachtport SA has been chosen by many Oyster yachts for their maintenance and repair over the Christmas season.


Saling Yacht Makara, joined by Latobe, and Ko Tangaroa, have already been hauled out at Yachtport SA for some well-deserved maintenance which includes applying new antifoul systems, rudder repairs and Propspeed on the running gear.


It has been a great pleasure supporting these three Oysters at Yachtport SA thus far, and we look forward to receiving the other yachts over the next two to three weeks for their maintenance works.