Repurposing Howard Davis

Prior to South Africa being placed under lockdown due to COVID-19, the owner of the classic 66ft Ketch Sailing Vessel, Howard Davis, delivered her to Yachtport SA for repair and maintenance assistance.

Howard Davis, a purpose built naval training vessel built in 1965 in Iroko wood has been given a new-lease on life and is being repurposed as a recreational vessel to be known in the future as Tim SV.

Since Tim’s arrival at Yachtport SA, the vessel has been receiving much needed attention.

The hull was cleaned, sanded and a fresh coat of antifouling and topside paint was applied.

The shaft was cleaned, removed and surveyed.

The main and mizzen masts for Howard Davis were stepped, rewired, repainted and the running rigging replaced.

A new engine along with an exhaust system was fitted.

Tim SV was successfully launched at the beginning of August 2020 and passed all Sea Exceptance Tests.