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Tip for January 2015

Check your boat

The famous sailing author, Eric Hiscock, wrote an article in which he explained his theory about boat maintenance like this.

Each boat has a credit bank. Each time something goes wrong onboard, whether you realise it or not (there must be near misses that the crew are not aware of occasionally), credits are withdrawn from the credit bank. If you run out of credits, the boat sinks!

There is no way to open the credit bank to see how many you have left. The only way to earn credits it to carry out seamanlike tasks. This means that each time you see a rope that need whipping, you deal with it, a navigation light that is unreliable is repaired, the engine and other systems are regularly checked.

There are thousands of items, which can be checked or repaired on a boat, each of these jobs earns credits in the bank.

The only way to remain safe is to keep putting credits in the bank by looking for ways to care for the vessel, because you never know when you will run out!


Source :http://www.sailtrain.co.uk/

2015 is here

For most of us, it's back to work. New challenges waiting for us. We wish all of our clients the best for this 2015, and another great year of working together.

For those that is still on holiday, come and have a nice cold beverage, just before it's back to work for you as well.


*Christmas 2014*

I still can't believe that 2014 is almost over. We still had so much planned for this year and now all we can do is pass it over to 2015. Hopefully get it done then. 

We at YPSA would just like to wish all our Clients a Merry and Save Christmas. We look forward in seeing all of you again in 2015. Travel safe.


November news and tips


What a beauty. Looking at her makes one day dream. She came to visit us at YPSA for some TLC. High pressure clean, antifouling and she is as good as new. One of these days I am going to pack myself away in one of the cabins and travel the world. 




Bilge Pumps

Most modern yachts have electric bilge pumps. Whilst they are a great convenience they do have limitations.

 They are usually fairly low volume and most are not able to remove enough water fast enough to keep a holed vessel afloat.

They can burn out easily if left running when there is no water to pump.

But the main limitation of them is that, on boats where they have been fitted they become the only means that is ever used to remove water form the bilge.

As a result there is no certainty that the manual pumps will work when required.

If you have several pumps on board, it is good practice to use all of them regularly and to rotate the pump that is used to remove any excess bilge water.


SV Schuessel

Being in this type of industry can be very challenging at times. For us, the best part is meeting all kinds of people from around the world. 

SV Schuessel arrived at YPSA with Christine and Herbert on board this beautiful boat. All the way from New Zealand and on their way to St Helena Island. YPSA will be their home for a while.  Makes me wonder if there is space for one more!


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