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Water Awareness

Yachtport's latest Blue Flag activity involved teaching our local youth of water awareness. 

On the 25th of April, the pupils of grade 3A of the local Saldanha Primary School were taught the importance of being water wise and conscience - especially during this severe drought.

The pupils were made aware on how important water is for us, animals and plants. As well as some water facts, for example:

  • Water covers up to 70% of the earth
  • Human blood is 83% water
  • Your body contains 66% water
  • We need water to avoid dehydration.

Water saving tips and ideas were discussed:

  • Shower quicker
  • Rather sweep than hosing down outside areas
  • When washing your hands do not let the water keep on running
  • Close the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Use a bucket  of water instead of a hose pipe when washing a car
  • Only use the washing machine or dishwasher when fully loaded
  • Use bathwater to water the garden

The pupils were also challenged to go home and introduce Waterless Wednesday to their parents.

This is to go the extra mile on Wednesdays by using as little water as possible.

  • Do not water the garden on Wednesdays
  • Do not wash cars
  • Do not wash your windows
  • Only use a little water when bathing
  • Close the taps while washing your body in the shower

Lastly, each pupil was given a colouring in picture to complete with in 30 minutes. Together with the teacher, 4 pictures were chosen that stood out. The chosen pupils received a voucher to enjoy in our restaurant at our marina. In addition the whole class also received a lucky box reward and a fun booklet full of water saving tips for their wonderful interaction and taking part in this activity.

Through activities like these, Yachtport is able to contribute to the local community by educating the youth on the environment and challenge these young minds to apply water conscience practices in their homes. 


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